About us
Sometimes great founders fail as they fall short on resources or great advice at a critical time - other visionaries have brilliant ideas but may not have the resources and know-how to develop.

This is where the new model of “Startup Studio” or “Venture Building” was developed.
Startup studio works as a “co-founder model“ bringing in a core team of experts & entrepreneurs that combine know-how and resources like talent, technology, network & funding to build multiple ventures, de-risking startups & increasing chances of success.
About us
Established in early 2021, we specialize and focus on the main opportunity of marketplaces and innovative daily solutions in the MENA. Leveraging on existing businesses and partnerships to develop technologies that enable different industries to go digital efficiently and at scale.
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What we do
Step 1
Idea inception or involvement at an early stage
Step 2
We kill ideas that show low return and focus on building the ones with high potential
Step 3
We invest our know-how and resources for overall venture creation and development from strategy, product development, operational set up, marketing, to legal entity setup and funding preparations.
Step 4
We prepare the ventures and founding teams for growth as a separate entity, spinning them out and working on the next ideas
Main studio activities
Creating cross-venture synergies and building several startups through repetitive process
Re-using knowledge resources, and experience from one start-up project to another
Shaping, supporting & advising founding teams
Raising capital for ventures growth
One tech capital may have multiple advantages but the talent that runs through its halls is main. It all starts with the people.

What happens when you combine talent, expertise, entrepreneurship & creativity? One-ders!
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