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COFE was officially launched in 2018, in Kuwait, and has since expanded to serve coffee lovers across KSA, UAE and Egypt. With the ultimate ambition to be the complete farm-2-cup solution of choice for the global coffee industry, COFE has, since its inception, diversified to serve various verticals in the coffee chain. From on-demand coffee from international franchises and specialty stores to COFE Market, the platform's e-commerce segment, and an array of B2B solutions, COFE is created to serve the global coffee community.

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Coffee Ordering Fast & Efficient

On Demand

COFE's on demand segment serves on-the-go cuppa from various coffee shops. The services available are personalized depending on consumers' behavior towards the ordering and other related transactions involved. Some of them are:

COFE Market

COFE's new segment gives opportunities, not only to customers and business, but to farmers too as homegrown coffee beans are available on the platform. We can help you fulfil your homebrewing setup with our equipments as well!


Pre-pay for your monthly cuppa and have them planned beforehand. With our exclusive program, you can now susbcribe to your monthly coffee and have upto 5 cups on us!


COFE Cloud is a state-of-the-art Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed specifically for café businesses. It leverages the power of digital transformation to streamline café operations, offering a suite of robust features such as a customizable loyalty program, gift card management, subscription management, seamless integration with marketing tools, and more


Collect beans in every order and unlock exciting rewards and offers! You can also track your progress on the app.


COFE App Wins Most Innovative Companies in E-commerce during the Fast Company Annual Event

Kuwait's Top 20 Entrepreneurs by Forbes Me & Al Qabas 2023

COFE recognised as one of the top five startups to be nominated for the London Tech Innovation Award

Middle East Technology Excellence Award 2022 for Startup – Food & Beverage was presented to COFE App

Top 10 most downloaded Food Delivery and Restaurant Apps in Saudi Arabia by Communication & Information Technology Commission (CITC) 2021

COFE App Founder Ali Al Ebrahim Named “2019 Entrepreneur of the Year” by Arabian Business Magazine