One Tech Capital

What We Do

We are a startup studio, whose scope stretches across product evolution, seamless operations, market domination tactics.

From scratch,
to touch and patch.

We establish every venture from the bottom up, effectively patching disparities across industries and ecosystems. We build solutions that closely touch people's lives, bridging inequities and transforming entire sectors, creating an everlasting impact on the landscape of development.

Build. Grow. Drive. Repeat.


Idea inception or involvement at an early stage


We kill ideas that show low return and focus on building the ones with high potential


Once the initial idea has been validated, it will be presented before the investment committee for approval. Past this stage, if accepted, the team will gear up to bring the idea to life.


We invest our know-how and resources for overall venture creation and development from strategy, product development, operational set up, marketing, to legal entity setup and funding preparations.


We prepare the ventures and founding teams for growth as a separate entity, spinning them out and working on the next ideas

The difference we build

In the pursuit of entrepreneurship, even the greatest visionaries might fall short because of a scarcity of support or suitable assistance.

The unique idea of "Startup Studio" or "Venture Building" brings about a favorable development. With the tools and knowledge they require to succeed, aspiring entrepreneurs are propelled ahead by this ground-breaking approach that encourages the implementation of outstanding ideas, a field in which One Tech Capital specializes.

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